Therapeutical sessions online and in-person


 designed for women in crises, women at menopause, and couples

who desire to find the way to


My Approach

The program I designed is to achieve balance in all aspects of life for women, women in crises in particular, menopause and midlife crises being the most challenging.  I help find and map areas of imbalance that influence the health and emotional wellbeing, relationships and work areas.


All periods of our life raise questions of identity, purpose, mission, relationships, energy.  We are in constant search to find a True Self that ever changes through stages of life. 

Climbing from one period of life to another causes crises that are sometimes overlooked or simply unobserved or unknown, thus rooting the imbalance, insecurity, and sometimes depression.  All that is happening in the fast changing world, creating new demands of the society towards women and working mothers, while in a steady environment or during relocations and international assignments, while in comfort zone or changed communities and traditions.


Coming to BALANCE is the key of coping to all those challenges.


The means to achieve hormonal and emotional balance are techniques of mindfulness, group and individual coaching instruments, holistic energy exercises, health plans – all designed and explored through many years of research, studies and practice with clients, individual and in groups, although - more important - worked out with myself.  Results are amazing.


I will be happy to share with you this journey!

Areas of Expertise

Therapeutical and coaching

The basic way towards healing is to find the roots of discomfort, anxiety or self doubt.  I practice the individual or group sessions, using the Jungian psychological self-introspection in combination with eastern philosophies approach as yoga and qigong.  Those therapeutical  instruments will help to map the major traumatic areas of body and its energies that are asking for help.  

Eastern phylosophies energy healing

Energy balance is as crucial as physical and mental.  Chakra yoga and qigong are everyday remedies to the body-mind-soul balance.

Women’s Health

Menopause is a stage of body change that might occur as early as 30’.  Through the individual or group sessions or retreats I help find tips on pre-menopause and menopause hormonal and physical wellbeing, what changes are obvious and which are not, which ones could start early and what to expect.  The limitations of the society view on menopause as a period of women's life influence the perception of relationships, work, partners.  There is a solution – CONFIDENCE through KNOWLEDGE and WELLBEING!


The retreats help consolidate the group energy and relax and find support.  They are indispensable from the individual therapeutical self work and bring a great addition to the results and definitely enhance the self-coaching output.  

During retreats we share and explore together the changes in a woman’s body and its emotional background, learn instruments of self-balance and design a unique step-by-step Individual LoveWhoYouAre©

program to achieve a balanced enjoyable daily life.

Coming ALIVE - living authentically your True Self 

***at any time***

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